• (MER*US)

    1. Pure, unmixed
    2. Complete, absolute, undiluted; especially of wine.


    When a wine is made from the most carefully chosen fruit, in very small quanities, with unsparing attention to detail, a new level of excellence becomes possible.

  • A Napa Valley Benchmark

    Critically acclaimed, sold only on allocation and to a handful of fine restaurants. Merus Cabernet Sauvignon is one of Napa Valley's most sought-after wines. Those fortunate enough to taste it understand why.

  • The Risks a Great Wine Requires

    Because we produce only one wine each year, in very small quantities, we are able to take significant risks in pursuit of quality and push artisanal winemaking to perfectionist extremes.

  • A Setting Designed for Excellence

    What was once a backyard labour of love has grown into a visually dramatic and beautifully equipped winery that takes hands-on, limited production winemaking to even higher levels of quality.

  • Making the Most of Merus

    Fine Age-Worthy wines are an investment in pleasure. Getting maximum enjoyment from your investment in merus requires wise wine practices and sometimes a bit of extra effort.